GraceBuilt Church Asks the Question, “Is God Real?”

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WAYNESBORO VA – Everyone has questions about God…and it’s ok to ask them. In addition to wondering if God is real, most of us at some point have asked other important questions about the Bible and life.

Starting September 18th at 10am, GraceBuilt is hosting a six-week sermon series and launching small groups called The God Questions to help people explore answers to even the toughest questions. For those who grew up in church, or for those who have never set foot in one, The God Questions promises to be eye-opening when it comes to things everyone asks. The entire community is invited to attend.

The topics of the series include:

Is God real?

Is the Bible true?

Do all roads lead to heaven?

If God is so good, why is there bad?

Which is right: creation or evolution?

What will heaven be like?

GraceBuilt Church is a Non-denominational Church located at 204 Arch Avenue in Waynesboro. For more information contact us at or call (540) 324-2724.


  • Wendy Wright says:

    Hi. I’m just wondering about the six week series about God questions. Is it every day? What time? I thank you for your time.

    • gracebuilt says:

      Hey Wendy! The series will be taught during our Sunday morning services starting September 18th at 10 am. To get more involved with the series, try joining a Connection Group for a deeper look and discussion of the teachings. Times and locations vary according to the group. Hope this was helpful! God bless.

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