Couples Retreat
A plant needs water and sun to grow. Christians are the same way, we need time with Jesus and time in His word to grow in Christ. That’s why we’ve planned this upcoming getaway specifically for people who are pouring into others at GraceBuilt church. We want to make sure that all who are serving have an opportunity to grow stronger in their faith. Come enjoy time away with your spouse to be refreshed in the Lord, draw closer to each other, and strengthen your relationship together in Christ.
This year we’ve designed our annual retreat specifically for those who serve the Lord at our church. Here’s what you can look forward to:
  • Time for sharing casually, time in the word, and plenty of relaxing.
  • A small gathering of 15 – 20 people, all who serve in some way at our church.
  • This will provide a relaxed environment for building new and close friendships with others who love the Lord.
  • Short & Close by: The retreat center is clean, cozy and only a short drive away,  (Check it out at
  • If you bring a spouse, then a week before Valentines Day is the perfect time to make your spouse feel appreciated.
  • If it’s impossible to go as a couple be sure to encourage and help your spouse to enjoy this getaway.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or the office at  Claire and I do sincerely hope you can join us for some much needed time away.

February – 10th and 11th
Dinner at 6p.m. Friday evening. (If you can’t make it by 6, that’s ok! Come when you can!) Check out at 2p.m. on Saturday

Cost: $50/person, or $95/couple.

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