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Every Sunday your child will discover Jesus and His remarkable love through learning His Word. We believe everything in the Bible points to Jesus. He’s the hero. So every Sunday your child is introduced to the life-changing love of Christ as revealed in the Bible. We also seek to equip parents to train their children in the gospel through family guides that accompany each lesson and monthly activity books. Our prayer is that every child will develop a relationship with Christ and whole families can talk together about Jesus throughout the week.

What To Expect

Each service at GraceBuilt starts with a time of worship for the whole family. Before the worship time begins, we ask that you check-in your child(ren).  Check-in time begins at 8:45 am for 1st Service and 10:45 am for 2nd Service.  After a few songs of worship for the family there is a short break for parents to take the children to their age-appropriate ministry rooms.

Blue Zone is a fun program developed just for elementary age kids to help them and their families grow in Christ. It combines small group activities, kid-approved worship music, and a fun video teaching the kids love to help children learn to pray and apply the Bible to their lives.

We strive to consistently provide maintain a safe and Christ-glorifying ministry for all of our children entrusted to our care every week. That’s why you’ll be greeted by an approved and trained volunteer to help you register and check-in your child. You and your child will receive stickers with matching paging numbers. This helps us get in touch with you during the service, if necessary, and also serves as a secure way to check out your child. Children are only checked-out to adults with the proper paging number.


Terri WhiddonContact Terri Whiddon, Kid’s Ministry Leader, for more information.