We believe the teenage years are a crucial time in a young person’s life. A lot of changes take place as they mature and grow into adulthood. Our desire is that through this process they learn the importance of having a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. This world will offer many ways for a person to seek satisfaction, but we know that true fulfillment only comes from the Lord. We seek to strengthen each young man and woman in knowing the love God has for them so, in turn, they grow to become effective leaders and examples of God’s love to those around them. 

What To Expect

We meet every other Friday* at 7pm at GraceBuilt Church. Every youth meeting will be centered around young men and women gathering with other believers to learn more about God and develop friendships with other brothers and sisters. Each meeting we will have a time a fellowship and possibly games; followed by a time of teaching from God’s Word and ending with prayer and discussion.

Youth Group is time for teenagers to build their faith in the Lord and make that faith their own. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for these young people to experience God’s truth for themselves and surround them with friends who will encourage them in that.

Summer Event Schedule 2016:

  • July 7-10 – Sumer Youth Camp at YDI Headwaters Lodge. This is a great opportunity for the students to get away and grow in relationship with Christ and build solid, lasting friendships with each other. If you’d like to attend contact Wilson for more details.
  • August 5 – Youth LOCK-IN. This will be an overnight event in which we spend the night at the church studying God’s Word, praying together and enjoying food, games and fellowship with each other. All students are welcome to join!

*Note: Our summer schedule has different meeting times. For information on summer gatherings and events contact Brett or Rachel.

For more information contact

Brett & Victoria


 Brett DeRoss  bdeross1868@gmail.com  850-491-3335

Rachel Profile

Rachel Firaben  racheljoy07@gmail.com  540-290-5119